Sunday, June 5, 2011

lost and found

I once was Lost in this world without a calling or a heading in my life and i never knew what i was going to do. I would sit and wonder how things were going to turn out and where I was going to go, I was afraid.
Then my thoughts began to wonder about how many other ppl in this world were in the same situation I was in and I started to worry about them. I worried about my friends and family, about those i didnt know and realized that I cared more about what would happen to them in thier lives than i did my own. I wanted to protect them from the dangers in this world so they could live thier lives to the fullest.
Thats when i Found my calling in the military. I became a soldier to protect those who are lost and helpless in this world and those who have found their calling in life whatever that may be. I served to protect the future of our nation and it brought me the greatest joy i have ever known. So I want you all to sit and think and find what you want out of life and not worry or be scared. Because there are those of us who train and fight to protect you and your freedoms. Just remember today is only what you make of it. So dont take anything for granted and live your life like you will never have another minute.